Sunday, January 2, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen: What Will Happen?

The results are here in a new post made after the announcement ,All new updates will be at this post

Morning Musume 9th Gen: What Will Happen?

Just a reminder.

Later today, the new 9th generation members of Morning Musume will be announced at the winter concert .As, we do not have a message board to discuss this topic; I decided to make a special post.

Right now it is safe to say that no one has a clear idea of what will happen today as UF/H!P Chairman Yamazaki and producer Tsunku are keeping their cards close to their chest ,so this topic is just about what you will think will happen this evening.

You can use the comments area of this post as sort of a running message board, between now and the results are released to share your happiness, concerns and/or predictions about the finals of the 9th generation auditions.

One last look at the final 5

Mogi Minami [11]

Because this has been such an odd audition, here are some more oddities.

In the last broadcast on the auditions, did you know that there are six girls and not five?

This could be the girl who got in trouble for posting about the finals before the show aired and is no longer in the audition, or it could be one of those EGG surprises.

Who knows, what the answer is to this mystery.


  1. 6?!?!?!?!
    maybe its an egg who already passed...
    and they only show the 5 who are still auditioning.. ??

    lol... im really excited xD
    im hoping for riho.. xD

  2. I like all of them except Mago. She's a crybaby and not yet ready for big show business. But when the heck is the concert? I heard that it's the second of Jan., but I also saw the 12th. So IDK...CAn't wait for the results! ^_^

  3. @ Anonymous it`s later tonight .It`s breakfast time here now

    @ Road yeah six. The girl that left who posted a blog post said there was more then five at the camp. Her blog and twitter was shut down two hrs after she made the post.

    It could be her as she posted the week of the first show.

  4. i'm rooting for mogi to at least become an egg, but than again Konkon, Koha and Mittsi weren' than good at their auditions and look where they are now.

  5. 6!!!! well i'll be glad if AINA,RIHO,KANON get in to me they seem the best choices, and if saho akari from h!p eggs was to join it would balance momusu out well!! as for mogi she could be an egg, she gets nervous so easily. so being an egg will suit her more.

  6. @gaki
    yea didnt read the last part u wrote bout that girl xD
    noticed that part after i posted the comment.. but it did make think
    yeah.. maybe its that girl...

    hmzz yea maybe mogi should become an egg first...

    We'll see !!!! SOON !!! :D
    cant wait :D

  7. Riho and Aina are my favorites. Erina looks the most qualified. Kanon looks promising. Mogi is really cute :)

  8. Apparantly Morning Musume members are Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon, Ikuta Erina and Fukumura Mizuku from Hello!Project Eggs!!!

  9. Already made the update about an hour ago on the front page .


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