Monday, November 19, 2012

Magical cover Afilia Saga East

I normally don`t cover dancer cover groups, but you know what, who says you can`t right.

Magical cover Afilia Saga East is a group from Thailand that dances to Afilia Saga East songs.

The group is not professional idols, yet I find that not only are they cute, there is a cute style to their performance.

I have no clue, but it`s cute

Thanks to a reader, I can edit this part.
She is doing a parody of a Jam ad.
The comments are more ... more jam mom more ...
Many thanks for that clarification.

The same reader added this photo to help understand  this comment

Update  [message for Magical cover Afilia Saga East Members]


  1. i'm come from Magical
    We are excited and > <,,, so happy.
    Thank you for your attention <3

  2. Oh My God ,, i knew this cover dance group they are my sisters and they really cute!!!!!!

    And they wanna say thank you to interesting and will practice hard to get better .

    here this fb page

    from thai girl

    1. Sorry that I couldn`t respond sooner, I was away.

      You’re both very welcome, and Yumiupear please tell all the members we want to show more videos and know more about Magical cover Afilia Saga East.

      They are all welcome to comment if they like and please come to perform in Tokyo.

      It`s easier for our staff to cover things in Japanese, Chinese, Malay and English, but we will do our best to report on Magical cover Afilia Saga East more on the site .

  3. the 2nd clip . she do a parody from old jam Ads. poster
    cr. this pic
    the girl in the pic .. said "more ... more jam mom more ... " ( in her imagination)

    1. Peerapat, thank you very much for explaining the video.

      The staff of Pure Idol Heart only speaks Japanese, Chinese,Malay and English, I would like to cover the group better , so thanks for adding this missing piece to the post.

  4. A post with the members' bios and photos would be nice. The girls look very cute.

    1. Gimmicky -

      We are working on that, their staff has said in a few days they would have more information about the member’s for us .They just debut last weekend and all of this caught them by surprise.

      We also hope to arrange an interview with the members after they perform some more. [it could be by mail or PIH road trip,lol]

      The members are very nice; one even sent us questions, lol. They are just so excited to have Pure Idol Heart interested in them and being so new.

      We are working with them one step at a time.


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