Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NMB48 Sets Oricon Records

NMB48 Sets Oricon Records

Have you heard this story before if there is a 48 in the name a record is set to be broken. NMB48 has set three records with their current single .With weekly sales of 265,000 this is their second single in a row to debut at number one, making them the first group in Oricon history to have their first two singles debut at number one.

The second achievement
NMB48 is just the third female artist group or soloist to have their first two singles debut at number one. The other two artists are Yakushimaru Hiroko and Sawajiri Erika.

Third achievement
NMB48 became the first female group to have their first two singles sale over 200,000 in its release week.

Overall from majors to indies the genre is in a healthy state and groups are doing well for the levels they are at in their careers .More and more media outlets are paying attention to both the majors and indies with a wide range of groups having  national  or regional weekly television programs .

 The number of groups debuting on the independent level is doubling each month; the genre is in much better shape than it was around 2004-05 when it was showing signs of stalling out.
 2011 has brought a lot of surprises to the genre and fans and 2012 is going to bring many more exciting groups, sales records, television shows.


  1. Gratz NMB =) really happy for u.. <3

  2. I'm Really happy for them!
    But personally, "Oh My god" wasn't really that great. Even the B sides were rather bland.
    It sold less than their debut, and it should.
    I'm rooting that their third single is a lot better.

  3. Actually Oh My God sold more than their debut.

    Zetsumetsu's 1st week was only 218,000.

  4. ^I though Zetsumetsu sold 300+? I guess I was mistaken.
    I don't think the sales are deserved for this song, but oh well you know how it is with anything that involves the 48's.

  5. Their first single is still charting and last I checked was around 240,000

  6. ^I see, well, it's almost up there then! :D


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