Friday, July 15, 2011


International Idol unit Sea☆A [Singapore/Malaysia [# 7 top] have released their Japanese debut single PV .DREAM SHOOTER.

The unit opens the PV showing off their strong English skills, and is a nice international touch. While the song is not in English, the opening shows that the unit is fully capable to reaching out to fans around the world and not just here in Japan, if they feel like it.

Overall, the video is a great tempo song with a strong hook that will draw in fans. Singapore and Malaysia are not known as strong international idol export markets, but this is a solid unit and worth checking out.

DREAM SHOOTER will drop on August 10 and will be the ending track for “Card Fight!! Vanguard“.



  1. I actually really like this group so far. The girls are cute and their singing is pretty good. And I'm pretty surprised by how good their English is.
    They're a group I will definitely keep my eye on. :]

  2. Loving it...that english was really cute.

  3. @ AimxAim the girls can all speak Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, English, Malay and Japanese.
    I think that gives them an advantage like the KPop trained Idols. Not sure, what their plans are for outside Japan, but they could be multi market group if they choose so.

    @ Kiryu ,yeah I've hit replay several times , I think I am leaning towards Wynnie #7 top as my favorite for this group.

    Each group I have at least one favorite, lol.

  4. I can actually post comments now! My evil internet before wouldn't let me!

    I was very excited to see this MV! I read the first entry about them on here and was interested. After I read this entry I downloaded the video and have been checking out their site a lot.

    Estelle and Beryl are my faves, but all the girls are cute!

    The song is definitely one that would be released as a debut, but I really love it. Nice melodies, catchy, cute.

  5. clap clap clap.... there good and cute ;).... that opening was =O... i watched the making of this video first so i new they were pretty good with english but opening was impressive its like there not even from singapore XD... anyways i wonder if they got a cd for this song cause i want to buy O.O might buy it along with scandals:love survive cd can't wait till comes out >.< any one else going to get it =D

  6. @ Anon -Sorry that I could not get back to you sooner, between my own things to do, been having allergies as well, so things have been a struggle some.

    As to their English ,the members speak 5 different languages ,they are prepared along the lines of KPop groups for International fan bases .Unless things have changed since the last time I checked a good deal of their web site is in English making supporting them easier for all the different markets.

    I think they will do all right; they have a lot going for them and worth supporting.


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