Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Morning Musume To ?[Updated]

BREAKING NEWS : Morning Musume To ?

Hello!Project has announced that Morning Musume Will perform at Japan Expo in Paris ,France on July 2

Did you think that I was going to say they were going to end ?


Morning Musume has released the theme for the Expo Tomo


  1. Haha, I wasn't shocked by this, I guess because I went to Hello! Online first and read about it. =)

    I'm happy for the European fans, because from Hello! Online I know that there are many of them, wishing that MM would go to Europe one day.

    I went to Morning Musume's concert in Taiwan. I guess because I got a seat far away (cheapest, what should I expect really), and I went alone... It's just not the same if I went with my sister or something.

    Anyway, that's that. :P

    Paris!!! I'm sure the girls are all very excited, they looked real happy in the video message. XD

  2. This would have worked better I think ,with a different layout .It`s hard to hide the punch line in this set up.

    Jin at H!P Non-Pro Hour use to make people worry and then pull the punch line .I want to keep that tradition. It`s been two years since I had a blog up ,so I am getting use to doing all of this again.

    In time I will add more articles like I did at H!P Non-Pro Hour .

    Now about France , France is a good city for J-Music , they like Anime ,Idols and Visual Kei ,they drew well last year with AKB48 ,Musume should draw a good crowd

  3. That's good to know! I'm digging the song too! It's really what I like about MM music. Slow, nice, and happy. =)

    Yeah, I think it's hard to get fooled by the title through this layout... Hopefully you'll get used to it soon!

  4. I may try a different layout , Thing Is Jin is the designer , I come from a music background outside of this blog ,so web design is not my thing . There are things he is much better at . One day we will get it right .

    Paris has a strong community of lovers of Japanese culture ,so everything will go fine for them. Their L.A. drew 8,500 , this maybe the same size venue .


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