Saturday, April 9, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen on Bijo Gaku Subbed Version

This week’s 9th gen segment features their first television events .There is several backstage clips of the girls thinking over their charm points ,a never aired encore Kanon bug impression and the elder members teaching them vital notes and Aichan`s famous laugh.

It`s good seeing the 9th gen asking questions and trying to become better idols.

Next week can the 9th gen meet the demands of a Morning Musume level concert?

Note: Subs provided by yamiwonder and is not affiliated with PIH


  1. Hahaahaha! The MC even requested a mantis, XDDDD

    The 9th gen really seem up to their game in the TV shows and recordings... Working hard and willing to learn and get advice, *nods nods*

    Looking forward to the next episode where we see them preparing for the concert

  2. Yeah Kanon has a real comedy bug in her so to speak, with their TV show they way it is, we may never know the 9th gen true comedy value.

    They are doing very well, it seems and the elder members have all taken to them, I have audio of the first day of the tour if not accidentally deleted, that I want to upload, when I have time.


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