Saturday, April 9, 2011

PASSPO☆ Major Debut PV Preview

PASSPO☆ Major Debut PV Preview

The energetic young ladies of PASSPO☆ are set to release their major debut single “Shoujo Hikou“, on May 4 . In this preview the girls show off their traditional flight-attendant uniforms and their member designed costumes. Staying true to their theme, the girls perform carrying luggage and performing in various airline related situations.


  1. idk passpo well....

    but their songs are pretty ok
    and theyre under the same label as kikkawa....
    so i guess i like them.... a bit :p

    i like the song and pv :)

  2. Passpo is a fun group to watch live .I think this group is going to do very well leaving Indies.

    Kikkawa really impressed with her, looking for good things out of her as well.

  3. Kikka eventhough shes a still rookie..
    when u see her on shows.. shes really comfortable...
    not shy at all or like that... likes shes been doing it for a long time...
    thats awesome...
    singing she still need to work on it.. but its pretty good...

    as for passpo i agree. their lives are nice to watch
    hope theyll do well as well

  4. Who are these girls? I tried searching for them on, but no info. What agency are they from? I'd never heard of them until a month ago, but I didn't find any info then either. I'm interested.

  5. Dara , I have several articles on Passpo on this site , go to the Passpo tag on this site for the archives , you can see more videos , information about them ,their HP , record label , blog and so on. I hope they will be helpful to you in getting to know them and their history . If they do not ,please feel free to ask more questions .

    As to what agency they are with - Platinum Passport, They were and Independent /Underground group until end of last year.

    There will be more posts on them coming up, such as a member 101.

    Keep checking with this site as we have Passpo as one of our focus groups, along with Dorothy Little Happy, and the other regular idol groups.


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