Sunday, April 3, 2011

Morning Musume Earthquake Relief Campaign

Morning Musume Earthquake Relief Campaign

Today marks the start of first Morning Musume tour with the 9th generation .What started out as a welcoming celebration for the 9th gen members on March 11 turned into the “Great Tohoku Earthquake” relief drive. Like all artists large and small Morning Musume are doing their part to bring comfort to the shattered lives.

Leader Takahashi Ai wrote on her blog a message with details of the most recent thing that the group is undertaking. After giving personal donations, the members are organizing a fundraising campaign.

Written April 2, 2011 by Ai:  

“We, Morning Musume, will begin our spring tour on 4/3 at Oomiya Sonic City.

Right now, everyone is focusing on helping the victims and restoration from the “Great Tohoku Earthquake”.

We, Morning Musume, have also been thinking about what we can do to help even just the littlest bit.

After a discussion with the members, we have decided to hold fundraising activities in the lobby of the venue for as long as time allows.

We would be so grateful to everyone who contributes even a little bit at tomorrow’s venue whether you are coming or going.

Thank you.”


  1. I guess this is why they kept quite for so long.

    H!P probely couldn't swing a huge donation so wanted to wait untill their tour started to get some publicity going on it and still try and raise as much as they could without impacting on their plans for this year.

    If i'm honest as a MM fan i'm really releaved they have at last announced somthing.

  2. I also found a link to the messages from all the UFA talents (not inclding Tsunku who wrote on his own blog):

  3. @ Natalie
    They have set up a couple things with this charity a direct deposit bank account and donation boxes will be set up in all Hello!Project concerts, events, and official shops until June 30

    There is a lot of giving underway right now , so they will do well .

  4. Former Morning Musume member Konno Asami is now an official TV announcer for TV Tokyo

  5. @Gaki
    YAY!!! CONGRATS KONKON!! I also heard that ikuta toma's younger brother did aswell.
    It was just a matter of time for hello project to do something. I knew they would do it. :)

  6. Note To All- Will upload the 9th gen debut concert tour show audio first chance i get.
    Erina is now Sayu`s Pink partner in the concert.

    @ Twin -If I remember correctly, he got a job with Fuji TV.
    Could be wrong on the network .


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