Monday, April 11, 2011

Momoiro Clover: Akari Graduation And Group Changes Their Name.

Momoiro Clover: Akari Graduation And Group Changes Their Name.

Sunday April 11, Momoiro Clover’s Hayami Akari officially graduated from the group.
As part of the graduation events the group dedicated their new song “Akarin ni Okuru Uta” (“The song to give Akarin”) as a gift for Hayami.

The remaining members also announced that her member color had been retired and that they would not be a new member to replace her. Instead, the remaining five will end their time as Momoiro Clover and walk a new path under a “new” name.

Because of the loss of Hayami, the group will start anew as Momoiro Clover Z



    thank god they didnt change the momoclo part... but just added the Z

    AKARI TT___TT how can people be so stupid not to see akari's cutenes.... *sigh*

    i wanna hear that song :'(

    AKARIII ~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG Momoiro Clover Z reminds me to Dragon Ball Z ... i have no fkn idea what to expect.

  3. It'll never be the same without Akari (;w;) I wonder what she's up to since leaving. On a sidenote, I've discovered Matsuno Rina from Ebichu, she reminds me of Akari!


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