Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kikkawa Yuu: Pre-debut Live.

Kikkawa Yuu: Pre-debut Live.

Kikkawa Yuu held a special “pre-debut” event at Shibuya Tower Records on April 3. This live tour was originally scheduled to send the Tohoku native to Nagoya, Osaka, and Sendai; however, with the March 11 "Great Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake", Sendai has been removed from the schedule.

A gathering of 500 fans showed up at   Shibuya Tower Records to support Yuu. Kikkawa performed her debut song, “Kikkake wa YOU!”, as well as all the B-sides from her first single as well as giving a short speech and setting up a donation box.

Yuu`s speech

“I’m so happy that I, Kikkawa Yuu, can sing in front of you all,” the Tohoku native said humbly to the crowd before her. “This time, it pains my heart to think that there are people who were affected by the earthquake and couldn’t come to this event even if they wanted to. But even though it’s something small, I can say with confidence that I want to go on singing so that I can have a chance to make everyone even just a bit more energetic by singing, and so that I can send my energy to the victims of the disaster.”

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