Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Song Previews: C-ute, AKB48, Hinaco,

Song  Previews: C-ute, AKB48, Hinaco,

Semi New Feature,

This is a semi new feature, it`s not really new in that we have never featured single previews before, because we have .It`s new in that I am going to do it a different way and expand it.

You know how when you watch a music video station they run previews of new releases and some you may like and some you may not ,well this is what we are going to do from now on.

At random times, I will select a few artists or groups from different genres to preview in one post. Sometimes these previews will be the latest artists releases we normally cover .Sometimes they will be JRock, Indie Idols, there will also be selected artists we have never talked about before.

All you have to do is watch the previews or download them if the video gets deleted and talk about them here on PIH as normal. If it`s an artist that we never covered before and you like the song or are already a fan, speak out. The more the artist is talked about, the greater the chance they will enter our group coverage.

In this preview we have C-ute`s “Momoiro Sparkling“ which will be released on May 25 ,AKB48`s 2011 summertime swimsuit single “Everyday Kachuusha” also due out on May 25 and a new artist to PIH Hinaco and her third single and the drama “Kazokuhoutei” theme song “Kaerimichi Diary” .This single will come out on June 15





  1. **Somewhat random irrelevant question :P
    Can someone please tell me what the whole argument at the beginning of the AKB48 pv for Iiwake Maybe is about? lol

    **Relevant question
    I really like this idea for a preview section ^_^
    I hate how C-ute's new single doesnt have a mature feel like their most recent ones. Bummer.. it suited them so well *sigh*

  2. Kyuuto!!! Kyuuto!! Kyuuto !! :p

    ^ well actually i dont mind them being more cheerful again...
    too many mature songs is a bit hmmzz...

    i mean theyre not C-ute for nothing...
    theyve always had cheerful songs...

    btw the pic in their preview is <3 !!!
    YAJISUZU !!!!

    GOD i love C-ute :D !!!!


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