Thursday, April 21, 2011

PASSPO☆ Major Debut + Media Event

PASSPO☆ Major Debut + Media Event

The girls of PASSPO☆ have taken their first steps in joining the power players in the female idol genre wars, with their major debut release "Shoujo Hikou".

I am going to be very honest and say right now, there is not one thing that I do not like about this song or PV. I really enjoy this track and have hit replay a number of times. Even if you find the PV simple the single more then makes up for it ,with it`s modern rock ,upbeat ,summertime goodness .

The PV concept is simple as the group is wearing their flight attendant uniforms and member designed costumes while dancing with their rolling bags, and random cute scenes on board the plane.

Near the end, it also has Anna trying her best and failing to inflate a life vest .The PV ends with a shot of "their" plane flying to their next town.

Single Download

As a bonus, DAI☆GO pays a visit to the group

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