Friday, April 1, 2011

SKE48 New TV show - "Itte Koi 48"

Taking advantage of their first Oricon no. 1 hit single "Banzai Venus", SKE48 is wasting no time to ride the momentum as they have a new regular TV show "ItteKoi48", which begins airing  1st May 2011 on TV Kanagawa (TVK), every Sunday from 11:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m..

So rather than limiting themselves in Nagoya, where SKE48 are basing their activities, this show will aid SKE48 to be more recognizable to a wider audience and taking them one step closer to becoming major national idols.

The 30-minute weekly show limited to only SKE48 members, will be hosted by comedians Arino Shinya(Yoiko) and Kuro-chan (Yasuda Dai Circus) whom are both well reputated in the showbiz as a expert on idols. I am not sure about Kuro-chan but I do know that Arino has been regularly invited to TV talk shows that discusses idol topics or is idol-related.

This is significant because apparently this show is not your regular AKB studio variety show with comedic games and outdoor shootings, but rather a documentary style reality show. ItteKoi48 aims to showcase a different and natural side of the girls' personality, as opposed to what we normally see when they perform on stage in their concerts.

The SKE48 members will need to depend on every ounce of their own abilities and on the critiques and advises of the two hosts to make this show work. The members will take part in the show in rotation, starting with Kizaki Yuria & Kinoshita Yukiko(Team S), Matsumoto Rina & Goto Risako (Team K II) and Isohara Kyoka (Team E).

Sounds like a show that has a more serious undertone, but is interesting nonetheless. Perhaps in time, they will get a golden hour timeslot like AKB48 did, if this show becomes a hit.

Kuro-chan (Yasuda Dai Circus)

Arino Shinya (Yoiko)

EDIT: Minor addition of the show format

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