Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekly Poll #6

The Question was: Which future release are you looking forward to the most?

CHA CHA Sing by Berryz Koubou is the winner of the poll. It got 45% (19 votes). Out of all of these choices, Berryz new single is a single that I'm really looking forward too. Lately, while Morning Musume and C-ute have been doing great, Berryz seems like their in a slump. Aa yo ga akeru and Be Genki were great, but they weren't the best from berryz for me. However, their cover of P'Bird's popular song ounds fun and energetic. The PV is a standard H!P studio PV, but it actually looks really nice for once.

Tweet Dream/Sparkle by Fairies received second place with 35% (15 votes). I definitely think some of Fairies past works are better than their new single. For me, this is one of their weakest. However, I give props to the girls for trying out a new style, instead of sticking with the same sound and playing it safe. Unlike another group I follow... The songs aren't all bad. Tweet dream is growing one me, and Sparkle isn't half bad either. It may be their lowest selling single, but Fairies have grown a strong fanbase, in Japan, and also oversees.

Song For Smiling by Sakura Gakuin received third place with 19% (8 votes). I was surprised. Sakura Gakuin usually scores very low on polls. They are so under appreciated by everyone, it's sad. But I think their popularity went up a little, and I'm glad they snagged third place. Song for Smiling is definitely the typical upbeat, and happy Sakura Gakuin song. It's probably my least liked song from them, but the English is refreshing, and the painting outfits are cute; a nice break from their School Uniforms.I'm not sure if it's an official single yet though...but hopefully, it's included on a CD.

Go! Go! Here we go! by Ebichu took fourth place with 16% (7 votes). I adored Ebichu's debut, Karikeiyaku no Cinderella. It almost reached 30k, which is really amazing! I heard the preview, and I'm loving it so far. I just really love STARDUST in general. They really know how to produce good talents.

Headbanger by BABYMETAL took fifth with 14% (6 votes). Technically, they shouldn't be on the list because this single was released before I put the poll up, but I made a mistake. Anyway,  this is another awesome single, with an awesome b side from the group! I love the PV.

One up!!!/Ichigo Gyuunyuu by Idoling!!! took last place with 9% (4 votes). This result does not surprise me. While Idoling!!! has really great success in Japan, selling 50-60k with every single, they are really  unpopular with the western fanbase. I guess it's because at a glance, these girls are normal idols that don't really stand out. But actually, when you get to know the group, you'll find that Idoling!!! is really fun.
I like to watch their shows. Also, they have a good range of music.

In total, 42 people voted.

Weekly poll #7 is now up.

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