Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weekly Poll #7

It's a day late, but here's the results of the weekly post #7.

The Question was: What do you do the most to support your group(s) or oshimen?

Buy singles/albums came is first place with17 votes (51%)
Read their blog everyday came in second place with6 votes (18%)
Buy goods, read their blog, and post in forums all came in third with 3 votes (9%)
Attend events and concerts came in last with 1 votes (3%)

For the most part, I agree that buying singles and albums is the best way to support your favorite group(s), soloist, or oshi, especially if you live in another country. After buying singles, I post in forums the most. It's fun to discuss outfits, the PV, and other things with other people. I rarely buy goods (unless their posters or calenders or something), and I actually rarely read member blogs! Going to concerts or events is impossible, seeing as how I live thousands of miles away! But If they come to my country, I'd definitely find some way to attend the event.

In total, 33 people voted.

Sorry, there won't be a weekly poll this week, because I'm going on vacation! I will be back Wednesday July 25.

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  1. I think you mean "Weekly Poll", not "Post". :D
    I do everything except attend concerts, because of the same reason as you. I don't live in Japan, nor do I have the money to fly there just to see a concert. I have to read idol member and group blogs (with Google Translate), otherwise I wouldn't have any news to report in my blog. And since no one but me and a few others actually care about the idols I love, it's necessary for me to spend some time (several hours, occasionally) everyday reading idol blogs. I wish there was an option on your poll for "all of the above, except attending concerts". I have always bought CDs, and lately I'm buying the CD + DVD versions. Sakura Gakuin's record company, Universal, have All Region DVDs with their CDs, and I now have an All Region DVD player. I really want to see those videos that don't get uploaded to YouTube! I buy whatever else I can, such as idol magazines. I post in forums (including PIH's message board - I'm the most frequent poster there!), and of course I do that all-essential blogging about less known idols that don't even get covered in Pure Idol Heart! It's my chosen job to support and write about idols. I don't get paid for it, there's no glory, and I don't get any benefits. I do it because I truly love the girls I'm supporting!


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