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Nogizaka46 Is Born

Nogizaka46 Is Born

38,934 girls auditioned for Akimoto`s self created rival unit for AKB48 of those 38,934 hopefuls 56 made it to the final round and 36 members were selected. In order to get this unit into the fight quickly 16 members were selected as short-term senbatsu members.

Akimoto in the press event declared Ikuta Erika the face of Nogizaka46, claiming that she carries a Maeda Atsuko presence about her.

In addition, keeping true to their declaration the new unit declared AKB48 their main rival’s .Member Matsumura Sayuri has targeted Mayu, claiming, “I love movies and anime. I definitely won’t lose to Mayuyu-san (Watanabe Mayu) who shares the same interest as me.”

Yoshimoto Ayaka declared, “My rival is Itano Tomomi-san. Right now, I can only say that I’m happy.”

Akimoto went on to explain that Nogizaka46 having their  positions determined from the start will allow the new unit to have a clear focus. Unlike AKB48, this new rival unit will not at least for now have their own theater .Instead they will become a unit that will reflect upon the fans’ voices.”

Akimoto said that Nogizaka46 will announce new senbatsu members after their first half of performances and that the members will get new positions in the second half of their opening performance period. Akimoto compared it to holding an AKB48 yearly election everyday [ fans will have a senbatsu vote at every performance] . When asked about the groups future activates and style, Akimoto said, “They will do things that AKB48 cannot do“.

Nogizaka46 will start a national TV show in October and will release a CD and start a national tour before years end.

The new generation idol units are debuting at such a rapid pace ,the genre is shifting and only those willing to play the game will rise up.Nogizaka46 while being run by AKB48`s founder is willing to join other units in playing the game.
Nogizaka46 which is named after the area they will be based, mainly the SME Nogizaka Building are made up of the following members

Akimoto Manatsu (18), Asou Ririko (16), Andou Mikumo (18), Ikuta Erika (14), Ikoma Rina (15), Ichiki Rena (15), Ito Nene (15), Ito Marika (15), Inoue Sayuri (16), Iwase Yumiko (21), Eto Misa (18), Kashiwa Yukina (17), Kawai Hina (13), Kawamura Mahiro (16), Saito Asuka (13), Saito Chiharu (14), Saito Yuuri (18), Sakurai Reika (17), Shiraishi Mai (19), Takayama Kazumi (17), Nakada Kana (17), Nakamoto Himeka (15), Nagashima Seira (17), Nishino Nanase (17), Hashimoto Nanami (18), Hatanaka Seira (15), Higuchi Hina (13), Fukagawa Mai (20), Hoshino Minami (13), Matsumura Sayuri (19), Miyazawa Seira (18), Yamato Rina (16), Yamamoto Honoka (13), Yoshimoto Ayaka (15), Wakatsuki Yumi (17), and Wada Maaya (13).

The short-term senbatsu members are

Akimoto Manatsu, Ikuta Erika, Ikoma Rina, Ichiki Rena, Sakurai Reika, Shiraishi Mai, Takayama Kazumi, Nakada Kana, Hashimoto Nanami, Hatanaka Seira, Hoshino Minami, Matsumura Sayuri, Miyazawa Seira, Yamato Rina, Yoshimoto Ayaka, and Wada Maaya.

Side notes- The 48 family`s  SDN48 quickly responded by making declarations to not loose to this unit ,expect the other units to follow quickly ,so battle has officially been joined ,giving a new meaning to the words idol war. This news is wide spread ,no fewer then 10 major news services are reporting on this new unit.

Kawamura Mahiro is a former H!P member Kansai office .
Yamato Rina,  is a former member of SPL∞ASH
Hatanaka Seira is a former member of CHIMO
Kashiwa Yukina is a former member of Momoiro Clover
Etou Misa is a former leader of CHIMO
Kawai Hina is a former member of Seishun Joshi Gakuen
Nakamoto Himeka is a former member of SPL∞ASH  and is the sister of Sakura Gakuin member Nakamoto Suzuka
Asou Ririko is a   former member of Seishun Joshi Gakuen




  1. rivals? plz this is just another group of the AKB family... good luck anyways

  2. ^ I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this! Rivals? Please. This is just another akb sister group!
    Everything about them is too much related to akb. The # of members, the name...
    And who's going to be the fan of this group? AKB fans will continue supporting them so that they don't lose to nogizaka. This doesn't appeal to akb haters since it's by the same person who runs akb!
    People are saying aki-p is abandoning akb, but I think this is his plan to make them even more popular! Though this just seems like he wants more money and attention D:
    Some akb fans are already starting not to like nogizaka. I don't blame them. A rival group should be someone OUTSIDE of the 48 family. Like Momoclo, or Super Girls, or someone else who's gaining more popularity. It's like he's bored with akb.
    I don't know, I have to see their debut before deciding if they really are as special as aki-p thinks. Can't judge before you see.

  3. I would have taken this group a bit more seriously but however I can't. One of the members Sakurai Reika is supposedly the rival of Eguchi Aimi. How is it possible for someone to rival someone who doesn't exist? What does one say to a reporter when they ask about their imaginary idol such as "How can you become better than Eugchi Aimi"? My other question would be is if Akimoto is writing their songs (like he always does for the 48 family), will Nogizaka's 1st stage be "Party ga Hajimaru yo" like everyone else did?

  4. I think ppl are looking 2 much in2 the "rival" thing. This is Nogizaka46's gimmick...being AKB rivals. I'm all for this group it seems pretty interesting tbh.

  5. It`s a win-win for both groups .If Tsunku had pushed The Possible as Morning Musume`s rival, it would have helped both units.

    So it`s the same thing here. It really doesn`t matter if they are rivals or not ,just create the illusion they are and have both groups play along and it will work.

  6. Nogizaka46 is already picking up a wota fan base .Do not take this group lightly .Aki-P ended Onyanko Club and created a new unit when OC was still the #1 unit in Japan.
    He knows what he is doing at all times.

  7. ^I never said that he didn't... I just questioned the fan base of nogizaka because I didn't know what kinds of people would be interested in them since they are kind of an usual group. I don't like aki-p very much, but he is a genius businessman who knows how to play the cards right.


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