Friday, July 27, 2012

Pizza♥Yah! (ピッツァ♥屋) : Kansai Home Delivery Idols

5 Osaka entertainment production companies; Up-Front Kansai; ClearFirst; Stage & Arts Brains Company(SAB Company); Horipro Osaka Business Office; and Maimu Pro; created a new organization called the "Kansai Idol Community" to add on to the Kansai idol scene. As the first activity, a new idol unit was formed and revealed to the public on July 24: Pizza♥Yah!

Pizza♥Yah! has 5 members, each from the Kansai region and one from each of the 5 companies that make up the "KIC". Their catchphrase is "Home delivery idol" and their concept is "Like home delivery pizza, we'll lightheartedly take your order and 'deliver to your home' smiles and energy!". As also being part of the group's concept, the 5 "sisters" are all Kanban Musume, or pretty girls who are used to attract customers, for the popular pizzeria "Pizza♥Yah!". The name in kana (ピッツァ♥屋) translates to "pizzeria", and "Ya!/Yah!" can also come from Osaka-ben's "version" of "da" to make the name mean "It's Pizza!". Through the name, they'd like to convey that "like pizza, there are various kinds to enjoy, and we want to be idols who are loved from everybody around the world!". In other words, everyone has to like at least one type of pizza since there's so many kinds to enjoy, so they want to receive that same world-wide love!

The members, in order of the picture from right to left and with their company and "sister title" on the right of their names, are:

YUKA - SAB Company, Eldest sister
Birthday: February 14, 1989 (23 years old)
Birthplace: Hiroshima
Blood Type: AB
- Member of OSAKA Show GANGS (She'll continue her activities with them)
- One part of the Manzai duo "Tsunderella" (Tsundere and Cinderella together. And Tsundere is basically used to describe a person who is sharp on the outside but loving on the inside)

Miyazaki Rio (宮崎梨緒) - Up-Front Kansai, Third daughter
Birthday: August 26, 1994 (17 years old)
Birthplace: Osaka
Blood Type: A
- Hello Wota idol that (obviously :P) loves H!P
- Has a UStream program "Miyazaki Rio's Yuusutoriitan" (Mix of Ustream and Riitan, her nickname) and won "The First Kansai USTREAM Grand Prize Yasunori Tamaki Prize" for it.

Ogino Kana (おぎのかな) - HoriPro Osaka, Fifth daughter
Birthday: April 1, 1996 (16 years old)
Birthplace: Osaka
Blood Type: O
- Mainly active in stage plays.

Itou Ayami (伊藤綾美) - ClearFirst, Second daughter
Birthday: November 30, 1991 (20 years old)
Birthplace: Hyogo
Blood Type: O
- Single for all 20 years of her life (^.^)b
- Apart of (Or was apart of?) Petit★Veil
- Active in TV and CM

Nishinaga Kyouko (西永京子) - Maimu Pro, Fourth daughter
Birthday: December 6, 1994 (17 years old)
- Active in TV and stills

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I remember YUKA from OSAKA Show Gangs when reviewing one of their PV's, and know she has talent. But I haven't seen anything yet from the other 4. So I'm excited to see what they can bring to the table! (...Pun not intended) And the pizza concept, to me, sounds really cute! Even their outfits are Italian-coloured! I can't wait until their debut single is announced, already! Since there's no videos of them, yet, I'll just end the post with this really cute picture of the four younger sisters seeming to get scolded by eldest sister YUKA. XD

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