Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fresh Faces:Toki☆Doki

 Toki☆Doki (トキドキ) is a group that when you look at them for the first time ,you see that they are your typical Indie style idols ,names and faces that may not stand out enough for you to take the time remember , costumes that  don`t look like at times expensive circus tents like you see in a Major Idol house.

Instead you see groups that are much like BiS and follow the, we are who we are mentality, you`ll like us if you’re willing to give us a chance formula.

When you look past the outer coating of costumes and simpleness of promotional videos , you often discover that Indie Idols are really good singers ,who for whatever reason may have lacked something a big house wanted ,simply were overlooked or just enjoy the creative freedom that being an Indie Idol offers.

There are some Indies that I know of that are much happier being Indies than Majors, for they feel that they would lose who they are by becoming Major Idols.

But you see there is something very special about Toki☆Doki that I have yet to mention and that is

Toki☆Doki are members of the idol group DokiDoki☆ Dream Campus a group we have mentioned in the past on Pure Idol Heart.

Toki☆Doki are Marin Moriya  who has an established Gravure Idol career  ,Airu Natsuki also an established Gravure Idol and Miyu Suenaga also an established Gravure Idol.

Together they provide idol cuteness and a perfect blend of vocals to create a pleasing vocal trio, which is hard not to like.

While DokiDoki☆ Dream Campus is their main unit, Toki☆Doki are certainly an up and coming force on the Indie scene. A group well worth the time it takes to go check them out and one that you want to remember their faces and names if you’re a fan of the Indie Idol scene.

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