Friday, November 30, 2012

Magical cover; Afilia Saga East: Magical Faces Part 4

Well sadly we are coming to the end of our Magical cover; Afilia Saga East: Magical Faces member profiles as we have this post and one more to do.
Today we have three more members and two of the best idol names regardless of home country.
So let’s not waste any more time

First up is

MG 11: Noonnim
Sobriquet: Rock Girl
Blood type: B
Birth day: 11/28
Height: 154 cm
Her Charm point is: Having white bulge cheeks
Her Hobbies Are: Sleeping, Watching Anime, Watching Movie
Her Special Abilities Are: Singing, Drawing, Make up (maybe)
The one word that she uses to describe herself is: *Mumble*
Her Self Introduction Is: Hello, my name is Noon. I’m a talkative girl, sometimes I will look like I’m not serious but I’m serious (hahaha)

Next maybe is one of the best Idol names regardless of what country you call home.

MG 12: Cake (cover as Meiry Malonfeel)
Sobriquet: Killing Smile
Birth day: 02/24
Blood type: B
Height: 150 cm (a height is what I want)
Her Charm point is: Smile (I think...)
Her Hobbies Are: Manga, Anime, Playing Games
Her Special Abilities: Hmm…not sure. I can do many things but not too much good. TvT
She uses the following words to describe herself: Good Girl! & Nice Girl! & Baby Face!
Her Self Introduction Is: The truth is I’m very neat, polite and tidy. ^____^b

If I had  to make a list of top Idol names this next name along with several of the Magical would rank alongside the names of Afilia Saga East as great Idol names

Ending today’s previews is

MG 14: Gift (cover as Miku Doll Charlotte)
Sobriquet: Megane Girl
Birthday: 12/27
Blood type: B
Height: 152 – 153 cm
Her Charm point is: Glasses
Her Hobbies Are: Watching Anime, Anime and Anime!
Her Special Abilities: Singing, Swimming, Playing Badminton, Using Photoshop
The one word that she uses to describe herself is: Fanciful
Her Self Introduction Is: Hi! I’m Gift ><

We are down to one more day of member profiles , and after that we will continue our introduction to Magical cover; Afilia Saga East with an exclusive Pure Idol Heart Interview ,which the members started doing yesterday.


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