Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weekly Poll #5

Sorry, I've been busy, and I have skipped the weekly poll for several several weeks. But now, I'm starting over, even though it's not Monday yet.

The Question was: What is your favorite 48 summer release?

 Manatsu no Sounds Good came in first place with 19 votes (52%). It's kind of expected that they'd get first place because, since their the most popular out of the 48 family. I liked this summer single from them. The song wasn't the best, but the chorus was catchy, and they made the PV more than just their usual summer bikini PV by all of the violence.

Nagiichi came in second place with 7 votes (19%). I was surprised. SKE48 is more popular, so I thought their summer PV would be in second place. I didn't really look too much at NMB's sumemr single. I mean, for their first summer PV, It was good, but it seems like a copy of AKB's summer stuff. Bikinis, cuteness, but nothing outstanding.

Aishiteraburu! came in third place with 6 votes (16%). Only one vote behind NMB. Anyway, I liked SKE's single the best out of the 48 family. (SKE bias...) because the song was really cute, and the PV was refreshing because it was located over water. Much better than Parero wa Emerald.

Oide Shampoo came in last place with 4 votes (11%). Nogizaka is still a new group, so it's expected that their PV would get the lowest. To be honest, I haven't looked at anything that AKB's rival group sister group has released.

In total, 36 people voted.

Weekly poll #6 is now up. I tried to have some diversity in the groups this time.

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  1. I agree with your comment. Nogizaka46 is NOT AKB's rival group. Indeed, some Japanese media considered as Nogizaka46 is AKB48's rival. However, it is wrong. I'd like to say that AKB's biggest rival is SNSD, Korea's largest girl band group.

    1. I agree, since SNSD is seriously making some impressive sales! They're really popular there. But restricting it to only Japanese groups, AKB's other rival is Momoiro Clover Z~

  2. i think nogizaka46 are quite popular in their own way..

  3. They are popular! They're already selling more than any sub group or soloist. But they use the influence of AKB48 too much. Having AKB's center in your PV? Covering a popular AKB song? This would be fine if they were a sister group, but their supposed to be rivals. To me, a real AKB rival would gain popularity on their OWN blood, sweat, and tears, just like AKB did. Sure they have lots of fans, but nobody takes them seriously as a rival. Their considered a sister group to everyone, even AKB fans.


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