Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Idol Found

They say that the idol genre is a small world and sometimes that is truer then you may know. The first rule of Indie Idol genre is, when you leave one group, you join another one as quickly as your little idol feet can run and hope your next group can break that glass ceiling and reach Budokan greatness that major idols experience.

Unless the indie idol group is full of debuting idols, then it`s a very high possibility that some if not most of the members that you are watching are from disbanded Idol groups.

Without going into a lot of details at this time, this tradition is something that I know personally in great detail.  In some cases, entire new company units have been created by veteran Indie idols who have banded together in the belief of a certain visual concept and have set out to bring that vision to life.

When looking at debuting Indie Idol units to present to you, this rule has once again come into play.
Sometime ago I introduced you to a group called Houkago Princess .Keeping them updated on PIH is difficult as they have decided to limit their CD sales to live events only as they have a small , but dedicated cult following fan base. 

The group has had a number of members leave and a number to join. One such member who was not only cute, but in many ways played the groups sexy character despite her young age was Yuki Kishitani.

Now two years since she entered Houkago Princess and she later moved on, she has returned.

Yuki [left bottom row] now leads a group called Dream Factory. The group has many events scheduled and their debut is being shipped to CD shops across Tokyo.
The groups theme is “Universal Love” and it is Yuki`s wish to “build their dreams with their fans, and to be loved by many people.”
The group hopes to gain strong support as they join this new era of warring idol kingdoms.

Dream Factory

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