Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ALLOVER :Uniting Idol Fans

Pure Idol Heart`s special reporter Paul is back. This time he takes a look at an Indie Idol “Super Group” ALLOVER. ALLOVER is a five group multi-agency unit that we have previewed in the past [see post at the bottom]. This time Paul looks at the struggles this group and all Indie Idol groups face with having hardcore fan bases .The advantages “Super Groups” can offer to break that Indie idol glass roof keeping Indie Idol Groups from reaching bigger heights.

ALLOVER :Uniting Idol Fans

By Paul Purvis [Special Guest Reporter]

At first glance ALLOVER may look like just another super idol group with over ten members. However fans of the indie scene would see several familiar faces upon a second glance, and that is what makes this group something special.

This unit is an all-star dream team made up of hot indie groups. The girls featured in ALLOVER are not all from the same company. This is a true collaboration that is the result of independent labels working together to create something that is truly special and just not really being done right now. It is the desire here for record companies to work together that is getting me really excited.

Every venue on every night of the week or weekends is usually packed full of diehard fans. However those dedicated fans are usually just there to see their group of choice.

All groups can lay claim to a modest but amazingly dedicated fan base. While the girls truly do love these followers, after the show the merchandise lines usually only include the most faithful. For some of these fans meeting a new group at the signing tables would be worse than cheating on a spouse.

So this is what is so cool about ALLOVER. By bringing together girls from several much loved acts they can, hopefully, combine their fans. ALLOVER features all three members of Starmarie and three members of Asfi. Two members from Candy Go! Go! and ANNA ☆ S are here as well as a lone member from Pastel Joker. Until recently even Alice project contributed with a member from Alice 10 ban. That is five acts with fans that will come out for sure.
This industry has its fans but the loyal fans being so loyal to just one group may be preventing any one group from moving on and playing at Budokan or a bigger venue. The fans are here they are just sticking to their groups. Which is understandable from a fan perspective as there are just only so many live tickets and merchandise one can afford. So maybe the fans that are here are doing what they can and the other big problem is getting new fans to come to shows.

It does appear that ALLOVER is also taking a step in the direction of bringing more people in. Recently they played at Mount Rainier Hall in Shibuya.

This show was a huge breath of fresh air as it is an actually theater, not a club. It sounded better, is bigger and there was assigned seats. That is the kind of place that a casual or new fan would want to check out a show not a packed in club.

Many things about ALLOVER feel special and new. When their first single Yume no Tobira reached number 13 on the Oricon daily chart, each group put their own spin on it and made their own version and released it as a CD. Each song really does sound unique to each group and shows the depths that idol groups have that many people don’t realize. Also the similar cute CD covers would look really cool as a set.

It does appear that this idol experiment is working, and that is great news for all that are involved. Later this month they will do another Mt Rainier show and release another single. Here is hoping that they will do both of those things many more times in the coming months.


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  1. wow paul you're the best. Thank you so much for this article

    1. I am glad that you are enjoying his take on the genre.

      I forgot to put in the PV ,however you can find it in my 2nd related post

  2. But if they're trying to share fans then with the cheating on a spouse thing wouldn't this be polygamy? :)


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