Monday, October 29, 2012

Idol Round Up #9

Idol Round Up

Today`s thought –When one is not well, one discovers how stretched staffed they truly have, lol.

First up if you like countdown clocks, here is one for FantaRhyme

Alice Project has announced they are opening their own performance theater, were their units will hold daily concerts. The theater will be located in Akihabara .The theater will seat 350 people , making it larger than AKB48`s theater .The group will have something similar to a Senbatsu system .The system will be called OMD Otaku Satisfaction ,were fans get one vote per ticket to have a member receive a push promotion.

Alice Project lead by Alice No10 [Alice Juban] have been on a hot streak and is growing in popularity and it`s only a matter of time before they have a breakout moment. Maybe this theater will be the key.

S-Qtry a group we have posted on in the past has had a major shakeup .The contracts of half the group were terminated and the only two left are Asaka and Airi Yamasaki [sisters].
Kind of harsh that on the eve of their 2nd anniversary that half the group would be let go, however Idols have rules, regardless of the level of the group.

On the new PV front here are some looks at Apple Tale and AeLL

Apple Tale Perfect Blue [Short Version]

AeLL has put out the full version PV of a song called JOY

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