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Alice Project: Understanding Chaos Part 1

I have titled this post “understanding chaos” because when you look at the idol company Alice Project from the outside it looks like a chaotic mess ,when actually it`s  not. OK well maybe it really is and some understanding chaos is needed.
So let`s jump right in.

Alice Project is much like Hello!Project and the 48s all rolled into one .It has trainees ,multiple units .What sets this Indie Idol company apart from the mainstream is that all of its members are in multiple units within the company ,some are in as many as 3 units.

Because of this a random fan, can often become confused as to what group they are watching ,I will try to clear it up some in this series and introduce you to some units ,you maybe seeing for the first time.

The most talked about group from Alice Project on Pure Idol Heart is Alice 10Ban [Alice Juban]. Alice 10Ban  is like the Morning Musume or AKB48 of this company, the flagship unit. They are  also one of two company groups that stage dive .The other is Pureful ,which happens to have the Alice 10Ban members that stage dive in it. More on Pureful later.

Alice 10Ban

The members of Alice 10Ban are

Asami Fujisaki [Asami is the one you see riding on the boat in the crowd in past video posts and she has some not for weak heart photo book/DVD]

Asa Tomomi [cuteness supreme and likes to pop things with her mouth, yes I went there]

Kanon Mori

Mao Kiritani

Amu Hayase

Maari Watanabe

Anna Tachibana

Sakura Nodoka

Sayaka Shiotani

Reika Tsukimura

[As of 10/21/12 there have been some Additions , instead of spoiling the  point of Alice 10Ban in this series ,I have placed the new members in the groups they were in before the announcements ,so please follow closely]

Everything revolves down from Alice 10Ban and creates the company chaos.

Next is Prism
Prism is the school uniform theme unit of the company and currently features three members after having six, then four.

Prism members are

Mao Kiritani [from Alice 10Ban]
Sayaka Shiotani [from Alice 10Ban]

Nanaka Kawamura [Nanaka was also Dorothy in the group OZ and is in Soupgirls and Steamgirls]

Next is Pureful

The connection to Alice 10Ban continues with this unit
Every member of Pureful is a member of Alice 10Ban
Asami Fujisaki, Kanon Mori, Sakura Nodoka, Reika Tsukimura

The next connection is
Cherry Blossom

The Cherries currently feature three members from Alice 10Ban
Amu Hayase, Maari Watanabe, Anna Tachibana.

The lone non-Alice 10Ban member is
Rina Sakura [Rina was also in the group OZ and is in Soupgirls and Steamgirls]

Continuing the Alice 10Ban connection we have

Topping Girls GT

Now here the real fun begins

Take every member of Alice 10Ban and put them in this unit, along with every unit they have been mentioned with to date. Add to them a taste of double cuteness

Muno Nomura [as of 10/22/12 she took on the sacred right to wear an Alice 10Ban costume]

Sara Kurose [She is also in White Milk and Steamgirls]

In part two we will take a look at the junior units and yes the connection to Alice 10Ban will be found in these units as well.

Alice Project Home Page

Part 2

Part 3

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