Saturday, October 6, 2012

Idol Round Up: Sizukaze & KIZUNA, LinQ, Sato Masaki

In this round up we have three special features

Sizukaze & KIZUNA.

 First up is the crowd walking, spit water on fans, get in the crowd and sing, do you know what the English words on your shirt mean idols.

This is one of my favorite groups to see live or on video and their choice of ride to events is sweet.

OK well not sweet, but it makes being rested for the show have a new meaning and you have the urge to go camping.


This I simply like to call the dedicated love for an idol

Sato Masaki

The joy of Morning Musume greets fans in English and talks about bottoms.

In honor of Sato`s English chat, I have this  classic stuff of legends : Kamei Eri`s hand in Cheese and Fujimoto Miki`s Taxi Driver

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