Friday, October 12, 2012

Alice 10Ban + 1 Fan

Alice 10Ban [Alice Juban], found themselves in an interesting situation recently. They held an auction in which the winner would get a one fan live concert from the group.

Included in this was a full concert, handshake event, merchandise table and being on stage with the group. In an interesting twist it also included a gift of women`s underwear pants which he wore on his head and the group signed them in the handshake event.

 For their part Alice10Ban were grateful that one man loved them so  much to bid over 220,000 yen and found the experience heartwarming and special. Some readers may find this a little odd, however if you hang around the Indie Idol genre long enough, you`ll discover it`s a branch of the genre that lives by its own rules and odd is often the normal.

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