Tuesday, August 2, 2011

AKB48 to Release 18 Minute PV

 [Note-Photo is CD Type A Cover ]

AKB48 to Release 18 Minute PV

What do you do if you are the number one female idol unit in Japan to top all your achievements? You release an 18-minute epic high budget music video for a single.

AKB48`s “Flying Get” music video will be an 18 minute martial arts fight film spectacular that would make any fan of that genre proud .

The ladies will dress out in their best film costumes and go head to head with swords to prove who is the strongest fighter, oh also at some point in the middle of this martial arts brawl for all will be a performance video.

This epic video news is making the media rounds, as once again AKB48 takes over the music and media market, something they do about every 30 seconds on an average day.

You would think that as much as this unit is in the news from dramas to product ads, their star power would burn out. Fortunately, for AKB48 fans there seems to be no end to their star power. All the idol world revolves around this force of idol power and no one is willing to rise up to face them for the top spot, so why not make an 18 minute epic music video ,who is going to tell you that you can`t.

Please enjoy the previews below.

In completely unrelated PV news, AKB48 fans that are baseball fans have started putting the group in baseball games as a team. The games range from realistic simulations to the more anime style games. Is there no place safe from their grip, lol.


  1. i wonder if u get the 18 minute video on the dvd when u buy the singe....

  2. The 18 minute film will come in the DVD ,


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