Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I'm a little late writing about these girls, but In the midst of all of the idol groups that seem to debuting lately, we have another added to the team!

Meet Panache!, a three girl idol group made up of three popular cosplayers. The girls's mission is to  spread Japanese cosplayers' culture to other countries, (which is actually, already really popular overseas). These girls (from left to right Kuroneko, Enako, and Itsuki Akira) will be making their CD debut with SONY tomorrow, October 24, with their single Kirameki Miraizu. The b-side will be a cover of Happy Synthesizer, an extremely popular vocaloid song by Easy Pop. Previews of the song's can be heard here

Panache! facebook (which already seems to have a ton of fans on it)
official website

 This group's sound, rather than sounding idolish, sounds more techno, like perfume or vocaloid artists, which was not what I was expecting at all. I expected, because of their outfits, something sugary sweet and upbeat, but Kirameki Miraizu sounds similar to the stuff that Kikkawa Yuu has been releasing lately. Happy Synthesizer sounds oddly, almost identical to the original.You cannot hear the girls voices that well over the music, which is kind of sad, but I think waiting for the full audio is better before completely judging. Also, in their kawaii Japan girl interview, Kuroneki said she designed their outfits, which is really cool! Also in the interview, the girls said that they visited many events around the world, which is another pointer towards this group.

Kawaii Girl Japan interview

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