Thursday, March 4, 2010

Morning Musume Genki Pikka Pikka Preview

Genki Pikka Pikka a song off of Morning Musume`s upcoming 10th album “10 MY ME [Juu MY ME]” has made it`s debut on radio.

Given that this is the first track released to radio, it is likely to be the main promotional track for the album.

Genki Pikka Pikka is a very much a Morning Musume type song and is typical of recent Morning Musume releases, meaning that your either going to like it or not, on first listen.

For those that like the track, it will take you at times to Morning Musume`s earlier sounding days and you will take to it right away. For those who just can`t find the love yet for the track at first listen, it may take a few turns to find the love.

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