Sunday, February 27, 2011

AKB48: Ever Wonder?

AKB48: Ever Wonder?

Ever wonder how different , Morning Musume would sound today ,if Kashiwagi Yuki and the others in AKB48 who auditioned for Morning Musume before joining AKB48 had instead ended up joining Morning Musume . How about Kojiharu, what would she added to the group?

Well now is your chance to find out, as recently AKB48 held a live were they sang other artists songs including Morning Musume.

For any artist it is always fun to get a chance to sing another artists song or do a cover of your influences and give it a different feel.

While these groups are real life friends and some even attend the same school or classes with other H!P members any hopes of a super idol mega concert spectacular ,are unlikely to ever happen ,for a number of reasons and differences between certain segments of their fan bases and companies.

As this is unlikely to happen, the best that this industry can hope for are these groups showing respect for each other with cover tunes.


  1. If a joint MM and AKB concert ever happend..... I would be on the first plane to tokyo and first in line for tickets :D

  2. I think the issue of friendship comes more from the H!P side than the AKB side. This was their Tokyo Aki Matsuri that took place last fall. There were some other H!P songs from artists like GAM, Mini Moni, Aya Matsuura, S/mileage, &ct.

  3. I never really wondered what it would be like. I was way too busy thinking what Morning Musume would be like if Kikkawa Yuu was in it. XD But I guess a solo career is a lot better.

  4. @AimxAim
    i agree xD lol

    its only fans who see them as rivals....
    theyre all good
    but even for me saying so...

    ive got/want nothing with akb... caus i like H!P >w<

    but a joint concert xD of H!P and AKB... wonder how many people will be happy... and how many not...

    i wouldnt mind...
    as long as they do not rape H!P's songs :p lol

  5. They did a very respectful and entertaining Morning Musume cover versions in those videos.

    Seems readers are missing the point of this post .Yuki auditioned for eighth Gen Morning Musume. It`s simply a what if after viewing these videos, she had joined, how much different would Morning Musume be today if she or even Kojiharu who performs with her, had ended up in Morning Musume .

    There have been several current and past Idol groups from different companies that have done joint concerts .Indies do it all the time .Idoling!!! & YGA had one. So it would be possible.

    However if the post creates a kind,respectful back and forth with readers of any kind , it`s fine with me ,lol.

  6. was listening to the one of momusu... and this 1 @ the same time,,,,

    now i kinda understand what tsunku means with momusu having a wet sound..

    guess yuki's voice doesnt fit momusu's ?? same for kojiharu

    but i got 2 admit... they sing pretty alright :p

  7. Why does the peanut gallery seem so disinterested in the videos?

  8. probably those crowd just couldn't stand having to see AKB48 girls sing Musume songs...


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