Tuesday, December 21, 2010

H!P EGG! Speculation!

H!P EGG Speculation! + Update

A very interesting and not much detailed press release has come out of the Up-Front/Hello!Project Offices , that  could have an effect on the future of Morning Musume and could have nothing to do with the auditions at all. So the following is speculation that is being talked about with a lot of interest this evening.

A simple worded very short message  was released a few hours ago as of  posting this  , which stated the following.

“Sengoku Minami has "completed her Hello!Pro Egg training" and that she will be preparing for her next job .  Now here is what makes this more interesting , there is not a single word of her graduating , leaving the agency  , transferring of the kind . In fact, she has a play scheduled  to do in March-April 2011.

Now as expected this has fueled all kinds of fan  talk that the Ongaku Gatas  member is joining  Morning Musume . She is one of the better singing EGGS. Also, one of the most ready ,however there is one major problem , which makes that idea pure speculation . Minami is 19 years old and above the age of audition.

How does this if at all related to the 9th generation auditions , have to do with other EGGS  , such as the very popular  Kikkawa Yuu, who also falls in the “over the age” ranks and their chance at promotion. Yuu has a legion of fans ,which have yet to forgive the agency , for not putting her in Morning Musume , after her original  audition.  Finger pointing by some would be a safe bet if Minami is added and not Yuu .

As I  said earlier ,with so little information being released ,this may have zero to do with the future of  Morning Musume .

With so little to go on  about anything related to the EGGS and the auditions  ,for now without any other  clear information to report ,  it`s just another  mystery in an already strange audition.

Added Update ,
The Shinjin Kouen concerts are ending and the  H!P Eggs will go through a different kind of training program.
This does not clear up Minami`s situation which was singled out by UFA.


  1. ghehe.. still cant forgiev them for not putting yuu in xD

    well as much as i hope it does have something to do with momusu.... xD i kinda doubt it... :/

    we'll see what will happen... xD
    i hope im wrong..

  2. yep! if Yuu couldn't join, why should someone else who is older but I do think she might be a good add to momusu but not like Yuu.... anyway this audition is going to be harder than expected!! can't wait.

  3. I don't think they'll add her to momosu, but they might make her either a soloist (cos the current one isn't very good) or they might be creating a new unit. Who knows untill they announce something.

  4. ^
    (cos the current one isn't very good)

    very subtle xD
    the current one as u call her.. is better with acting than singing....
    shes not bad.. but she sure aint ayaya or gocchin..

    haha a new unit with yuu... :p

  5. yeah mano isn't that great... and I hate that they promotion her stuff more than momusu and berryz!!!
    yuu, minami and sayaka should be a unit!!!
    and of course no one can beat ayaya or gocchin!! XD

  6. For the record, I do not think she will be added to Musume. Good add if she is.

    This entire audition and this news has been strange in how they are handling it.

  7. @ jennyluvsmusic07
    lol not to forget C-ute xD (i love c-ute xD)
    YEAH that would be sooo awesome...
    yuu minami and sayaka xD
    thats like the best combo ever :D XD
    he should have made a group with those 3.. instead of smileage (theyre mmzz mmzz to me.. but i support them...)

    hope he wont randomly choose some1 and the wrong ones.....
    just becaus he needs new members quick....

  8. i feel like she is going to join Happy Style... i just can't imagine her join in momusu (but would be nice if i'm wrong)

  9. @jennyluvsmusic07
    @Road K.

    Mano Erina is doing just fine as a solo singer. She has enough fan support and her songs are catchy and nice. Even if her voice isn't the best, she's still someone I like, in fact, she's my favorite solo singer.

    She's trying her best and she's come so far from her debut yet all you can do is sit here and type about how bad she is. I bet you only listened to 2 of her songs, and not any of the songs on her albums where her voice is just gorgeous.

    You know, you just completely insulted Mano and me

  10. @Candy
    I am sorry to have insulted you that was not my intention. and yes mano is doing well as a solo singer.. but I just don't like that she is more known for her acting than singing. and that they are promotioning her way more than the other groups. But I will admit that she has grown since her debut!!!

  11. @Candy
    oh wow... never expected this..
    i wasnt insulting her nor any of her fans... not at all. neither was it my intention to..
    i would never insult ANY H!P members...
    maybe im just being a bit too critical.....

    i like mano.. just her songs arent songs i would listen to.. though shes got my full support..
    just saying.. i like more when i see her in dramas.. or anything

    and indeed what jenny says... mano has grown A LOT.. :)

    sorry if u felt insulted...
    my apologies

  12. @jennyluvsmusic07
    @Road K

    No, I need to apologize to the both of you, I way overreacted. I just hate how people only love HP members who are perfect and good at everything (Takahashi Ai, Airi Suzuki etc.) They just ignore the people who they think aren't even good enough (like Mano) And since she is one of my favorite HP members, I feel really sad when people say mean things about her. I know a lot of people hate her ballad songs, but that's just the type of soloist she is.

    Also, I don't thinks she's promoted more than any other group. I mean, sure she's promoted on the UFA youtube channel, but so is everyone else. Plus, her PV's are really simple, they look like not much was spent on them. In fact, it looks like tsunku is promoting S/mileage the most these days.

  13. ^ thats true.. smileage get promoted wayy too much xD haha

    but i mean... C-ute and berryz both have a new single.. yet their both hardly seen @ shows/music shows...
    that just WAY too bad...

  14. True that!!! and trust me I don't fan over airi or takahashi.. I like Saki shimizu,Chinami,Chisato,Kanon, Kamei:),Junjun,Linlin!!! Trust me I don't like the one's who are perfect. and yes Smileage is getting promoted a lot, but hopefully it will balance out soon since the 9th generation is coming!!!

  15. >_< lol but i do like airi.. xD and takahashi xD
    but then again i like all H!P members xD.. seriously... xD

    just.. lol maimi is the one i really love xD haha

    9th gen.. -.-'' theres only 1 of the finalists i like.... xD
    Riho... xD

    ive seent he audition vid... im shocked those are the finalists.....
    and also shocked no egg made it.. ( or they are having seperated auditions for them.. but doubt it..)


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