Friday, March 18, 2011

Morning Musume 9th Gen on Bijo Gaku

Television is trying to return to regular broadcasting schedules and with that the return to idol broadcasts. This week the 9th gen starts to learn the tour dances and see determined faces from their elder members.

There are some personal moments such as Ai-chan watching over Erina, helping Erina express emotions in her dance.


  1. It's good to see the help the senpais are giving to the cookies.. :D

    The girls will get better with practice I think, I don't blame them for not getting it all in the first time... There has been a lot more songs produced since 5th gen's debut... They're learning nearly 14 is it? years worth of MM songs... I don't know how I would manage!!!


  2. These girls are honestly trying their best.. and although I am not a fan of aika this epi. made me respect her and think of her as one of momusu's greatest sempais for the cookies! man to learn 14 years worth of songs ugh!! but like Ai said these girls are dead serious! :)

  3. ive never really liked aika..
    but i guess she did a good job here...
    though honestly xD if it was me she was talking to like that... i would have sooo disliked it xD lol
    shes got good intentions...

    and LOL XD >_<'' !!!!!!!!!
    ai-chan >_< laughing @ erina caus she cant get it done even after trying so many times.........
    Leader fail !!!!!! XD lol

    but at least she helps erina as well

    gaki will be a really good leader... + i like her jacket @ the 2nd part.. :D

  4. @ Tenshiki by any chance r you Road K!?????
    and yeah Ai failed!! but atleast she does help her. and gotta love gaki!! she not only helps cookies with choreo she also gives them advice and tells them to trust her!! Ai well......... Go kyukies!! (wonder if I spelled that right?) XP

  5. I added a subbed version of the episode in the new posts

  6. @twinheart
    yea im road K.. xD LOL
    my account got banned becaus of it uses the same email as my YT account which got banned.... XD
    lol why :p

    ai..... well shes an awesome performer... im sure she leads mm well... but gaki also need to lead her...
    idk i like Ai no matter what xD

  7. @Gaki thnx the subbed version really helped me make sense of what Aika was saying to the cookies, so glad it wasn't what I originally thought :)
    @Tenshiki... wait so now even blogs can be deleted if your YT account is suspended!!! noooo I barely linked my account because I had too. Didn't know this was going to happen!! ohhhh im so pissssssed! :I

  8. @twinheart
    yea seems its the google account they ban... :/
    so wherever u use the google account... that get banned as well... :(
    i still use the same google account for yt and blog though xD
    its too bothersome to make 2 accounts xD LOL so i wonder how long this name will last :p


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