Thursday, November 25, 2010

Morning Musume 9th Gen Auditions 4th Stage.


Morning Musume 9th Gen Auditions 4th Stage. [Related Update]

Morning Musume has entered what is expected to be their final audition stage .With media no longer focusing on Hello!Project as much in the past and H!P/Up-Front not very open about their operations , little is known about what is going on , outside of 4th stage call backs have started.

We have no information on how many new girls have passed the three stages, how many EGGS or Nice Girl Project! Trainees who are also eligible to audition have passed or are in consideration for membership.

Expect the final members to be announced at or near the graduation concert.

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  1. 9th gen GAMBATTE NE !!!!!
    theres a lot of pressure on the 9th gen....
    if the 9th gen fails..... its kinda over with momusu i think TT_TT

    i still think it suck that kikkawa yuu couldnt audition >_< !!!!!!

  2. kikkawa yuu would have been a great in momusu but oh well. c'mon 9th generation woohoo can't wait to see them. But I think that the girl saho or sato im not sure what her name is but she is in shugo egg group the blue one, she sang with miya and airi and she had a voice.!!

  3. These are the EGGS that can audition

    Sainen Mia
    Mori Saki
    Kitahara Sayaka
    Komine Momoka
    Saho Akari
    Okai Asuna
    Sekine Azusa
    Arai Manami
    Kaneko Rie
    Maeda Irori
    Fukumura Mizuki
    Takeuchi Akari
    Miyamoto Karin
    Satou Ayano
    Kizawa Runa
    Tanabe Nanami
    Takagaki Sayuki
    Katsuta Rina
    Nagasawa Wakana
    Kudo Haruka

  4. I'm really hoping Saho Akari made it, as much as I'd rather her with her own group, I just wanna see her debut already! -biased-

    Actually, any info on the auditioners would be awesome at this point. This is my first time being in the fandom with auditions so being kept in the dark sucks xD;

  5. yea i know who of the eggs :p
    i hope sayaka gets in... xD
    though maybe she fits berryz more.. xD

    idk.. i only wanted yuu in momusu :(

    i do hope for new members.. like not the eggs.. so new fans hopefuly will come...

    we'll see we'll see

  6. @ Road K
    Everybody wanted her in, it was a big let down to the fan base and I do not think some ever got over it.

    She's not the first mistake they have made, from the 7th & 8th generation auditions 6 ended up in the 48`s 3 in AKB48 and 3 in SKE48 and 1 is in Idoling!!! . All seven are playing key or growing roles in their units.Not adding Kashiwagi Yuki from 8th gen auditions was their biggest mistake yet. She is now in AKB48 and leader of Team B ,very popular across the country with women and guys.

    Maybe not airing them this time is the best, that way fans cannot get angry at their favorites not getting in and then joining AKB48 instead.

    @ lilmenchi
    It is hard to follow this .This the first time when no information has been given or even who has auditioned.

  7. Saho has a graet voice for her age she definately suits momusu. But Yuu might get in. Tsunku has tricks up his sleeves and if not then most likely yuu will be a soloist. But yeah being a fan and not knowing what going on is hard. Man I kept looking for hints or videos but none so yeah im anxious!! :)

  8. but then again... by not letting anything now.. momusu might gain more interest... caus they wanna know stuff..

    well tsunku made A LOT of mistakes lately.. well lately.. .. from the 7th gen auditions..
    i like koha a lot... got no problems with that... but maybe he should have added more members than just koha...

    and the 8th gen.. he just chose the wrong people... also letting koha go was a big mistake...

    lol guess tsunku lost his eye for finding good idols...

    also do hope yuu will become a soloist
    though i guess she need to pump up her energy on stage xD... shes soo lazy xD lol


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