Monday, March 28, 2011

Morning Musume "Maji Desu ka SUKA!" Official PV

As I mentioned not long ago if the fan made video would be close to the official video for Morning Musume`s 45th single? The answer is yes but the fan made PV is missing 20 seconds.

“Maji Desu ka SUKA! “Is a fun PV that is different from recent Morning Musume videos that features many clips by the 9th gen.


  1. the fanmade one looked really nice though...
    but this one as well.. i like the beginning

    btw it somehow sounds a bit different xD
    the BG bass.. u hear it a lot more...

    lol 1:53 cool sayu xD
    and i still love ai-chan's jump @ 2:20 xD

  2. The official has 20 seconds more video then the fan one, outside that and some production changes the fan made a very close version.

    It has a number of fun moments, 9th gen got a lot of screen time, so they look to figure in the future plans a lot. I am happy with this PV .

    Riho by the way is getting a radio show starting Sunday.

  3. ^ I heard, i would have liked if it had been a joint show between Riho and Zukki but riho having a solo one if okay. I hope she show us more of her personality this way!

  4. Tsunku on the future of Musume

    Morning Musume will transform into something bright and cheerful

  5. I actually loved aika dressed as an old man!! I was LOL!! she definately scored some points in my book with that!

  6. Yup, the fan made version was definitely close to this official one.

    Was pretty cool during the first 20 seconds though, hahah.

    I love Zukki curling between the "ma" sign, such a cutie pie! <3

    Grandpa Aika, Ai's jump, and cool Sayu were EPIC, hahahahahah!

    Did I also mention that Kanon was just so cute during her shots? XD I'm loving the girl more and more! hahahaha

  7. @Chanting it seems the luv bug has bitten you. haha jk kanon is definately cute and funny.


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