Saturday, August 13, 2011

Houkago Princess: Houkago Princess ~ Oshiete Kudasai!

Not long ago I presented a new unit on PIH and now we return to them.

Fresh faced new Indie idol unit Houkago Princess are back on PIH as they have released their debut single PV “Houkago Princess ~ Oshiete Kudasai! .

The video opens with the adorable group leader or in their terms, student council president Nana running around and the other members chasing her .She eventually runs to the gym and grabs her uniform, triggering the song to start.

From that point it`s your standard performance shot, with close up cuts. It`s set in a gym ,not a very eye catching video location. In Indies it`s generally find a affordable location and make it work for you, lol.
[And before this goes down the them vs AKB road ,gyms are very affordable to rent for Indies  ,part of their theme is related to school and countless of Idols wear uniforms ,it`s a wota fetish.]

Getting back to the video, they display in the video the classic idol values of charm, cuteness and innocence, along with a few tiaras for the princess effect.

At the very end of the video you have a wide shot and the members catching Nana at last after she finishes changing, bringing the video full circle.

It`s really hard to say how good of dancers this group will be as the dance is simple compared to other releases and the video focuses on the members and their voices.

Indies tend to go for the best singers they can find first , so vocals is not an issue for this group and group leader Nana leads the cuteness parade that this unit is .

Houkago Princess manages to do a lot with little resources in this video and it turned out to be a very solid Indie debut style video and one I have looped several times.

On their YouTube channel by the way they have uploaded a number of videos ,since our first look at them .It`s worth the time to head over and see what Nana (21), Sakino (20), Mayuka (18), Yuki (16), Mai (16), Hitomi (15), and Yumeka (14) bring to the fresh faces , neo generation idol wars.

I don`t know about you but this is one unit, I am going to have fun watching them find their place in the idol genre. I maybe an Indie Idol company owner first ,but I also love the Indie Idol genre as a fan and with their theater opening in Ikebukuro soon ,it`s not going to be hard finding them ,lol. I can see many good things happening for this group and glad to say they will become regulars to PIH group rotation.

“Houkago Princess ~ Oshiete Kudasai! PV

Just because I think, Nana is adorable, lol.

Super cute ,full of start-stop errors talk segment . This group going to be real fun at lives.

Their Youtube

PIH Debut feature on them, with more info, videos and links.


  1. The song isn't really the best, but it is their first single. Hopefully their songs will get better.
    I'm actually more interested in the dressing them up theme that they have. I just want them to play off their name more and have princess looking outfits. Because right now they are only focusing on the after school part. XD

  2. ^I agree. I don't like this song except for the "demo demo" part. They need a better song, better choreography, and need to work on how to look less awkward and put more energy into their performance. I'm excited about this group because of the dress up part, I think that's a really cool concept. They'll get better :D

  3. @ Aim and Candy ,I am going to be the rebel here,lol I actually liked the song, can`t say that I liked the dance as there was not one really. When they get through these early steps and start feeling comfortable, they will be all right. I bet in 6 months to year from now we will see a different group. Right now, they are not much different then any new Indie, many baby steps, some crawling then one day they are running through the house, lol. They have things to work on ,but I have faith in them.

    By the way this is the Assistant Producer .Indies always have cool and funny producers, because we are the freedom genre.

  4. dancing was no good (like if they learned it right away)... coreography was weak... song wasn't bad... pv is ok but i don't like long intros (one minute is damn long for me)

  5. I liked the song,and wish them well.Also look forward to seeing which direction they take this and how they fit in and find their place.


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