Sunday, October 31, 2010

Afilia Saga East Live Events + PV Videos

To support their upcoming single "Knee High Egoist" ASE has scheduled some live promotional fan events

Afilia Saga East will be visiting various Akihabara and Tokyo Stores including Nov 20, 23 Akihabara Animate Nov 27 Sofmap   and Dec 01 through -05 Ishimaru-Soft, before finishing up their fan events on
Dec 12 at Akihabara Gamers [Home Office]

Inside Afilia  Kitchen`s

My White Ribbon [1st Single]

Meridin no Inori [2nd Single]

Download for Watashi Love na Otome! PV
Watashi Love na Otome! PV Download

Updated Group Video W/New Costumes



  1. yeahhhh finally some info about ASE that isn't in japanese (because i can't read that lingo) thanks!... and whoa the new costumes are so great

  2. Gaki thanks for all the videos and info.
    I wonder, is houkago romance a special realease, sold only at the cafés, or something like that? I tried buying it online, looking for the PV, I searched everywhere and couldn't watch it. Only those CM seconds you had on your first post. (Those Yucafin miliseconds look awesome.)
    Thanks again for showing us this awesome group.

  3. Houkago Romance is an official single, try in japanese 放課後_ロマンス :D

    oh btw the first single is Luminous no Izumi, but the pv is from the couple song (weird isn't it?)

  4. lebird, sorry for the late return.

    It`s a regular release. I know that Amazon.JP has it and a few others smaller domestic services.

  5. I have tried everything.
    The day I found it on, as I finished to place the order, it was THE ONLY ITEM they did not deliver outside of Japan. They have that for some stuff.
    But thanks for telling me guys. I'll see what I can do now that I know it's not something so rare.


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