Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Takahashi Ai Part 2, + Kikkawa Yuu

News coverage on the Aichan announcement ,member blog comments and new Kikkawa Yuu songs [Mic Recordings]

Kanon by the way is sick and not in the concert

Risa,Sayu,Reina`s Blog Comments
[Notice what Reina said. If that girl ever leads Morning Musume ,look for a shift in group attitude.]

Niigaki Risa,

“Aichan is going to graduate during the fall tour…mmm… I am not sure how I feel about it. The time we spent together is precious…but I am going to do my best Aichan… I’ll do my best this upcoming concert.”

Michishige Sayumi

“We just finished our concert today! It was announced at today’s concert that our leader, Ai Takahashi-chan, is going to graduate from Morning Musume. And Hello! Project. Since the time I entered the group, something like this was so sudden that even I got surprised when I heard about it. I do not really, like the feeling I am having…I am sad.

Everyone is going to quit soon…

But Ai-chan and Tsunku-san [are adults and] talked about it [as adults] and came to this decision. Also, Ai-chan is taking another big step to fulfill her dreams, so I am going to cheer her on!

So with these new members, Morning Musume. Will work harder!

Right now, this is our 2nd concert!

Morning Musume. Will work harder

Tanaka Reina

“We just finished our 1st concert

Not sure if everyone knows already but Aichan will be graduating this Fall. I would comment on it but her graduation and the way I am feeling today are different.

They’ve already chosen the new members before her graduation.”

Kikkawa Yuu - Candy Pop

Kikkawa Yuu - Fuyuzora Hanabi

Note: These are mic recordings ,meaning you will only hear the vocals as she is singing.


  1. i dun get reina's message....

    ''Everyone is going to quit soon…''
    whys she saying that...
    last time she said something like that it became the truth.... :/ !!!
    oh sayu sayu sayu....

    anyways... we know gaki's the next leader... but shes been in momusu as long as ai.... :/ wonder how long itll last...

    and i want sayu as sub leader... reina is more strict and all...
    but idk.. sayu loves momusu.. + shes got..(to me) more experience... maybe not with singing or w/e xD
    but when its bout being on shows and being more like an idol..
    sayu pwns kinda everybody.. :/

    oh and Kikka is just AWESOME !!! :D

  2. Sayu
    everyone is going to quite?????? noooooooo say it ain't so. I just got over eri,juns,lins grad now Im preparing for ai's and then another!!! plz no atleast let the nonth generation get settled and a possible 10th generation be added!!! KIKKA IS GREAT AND HAS A BEAUTIFUL VOICE. STILL NO NEWS IF SHE WILL BE A SOLOIST BUT SHE HAS 3 SINGS ALREADY!! :)

  3. I didn't get Reina's post either.... Though I want her to be sub-leader. I think that Sayu is going to be too grandparent like(grandparents are always forgiving and nice to others) while Reina is more parenting type(strict but fair) so for the 9th generation it would be a good way to be raised...


    KIKKA IS AWESOME!!!! And she is going to be a soloist. She has a fan page(a solo fan page). And I already signed up there(it's free). She sends emails in which she writes stuff that are written in blogs. Though google translate sucks >_>

  4. It`s hard to read emotions in words sometimes.

    For Sayu- I think that Aichan`s news, just made Sayu realize that they are closer to graduating. That their time as idols is ending.

    I can see why Sayu would say that, they are all close in age and if they leave around the same age as Aichan, and then you are looking at 2-4 years left for Risa, Sayu and Reina.

    Reina-, again my views.
    It feels like at the time she wrote that, Reina was mad.
    She just went through a three-member graduation and now her leader a few weeks later announces that she will be leaving soon.

    The last line, it seems as if she is saying or feeling like they replaced Aichan before she graduated by adding four members after three just left.

    Can`t to say how Reina was feeling at the time, without asking her.

    I think the graduations are done for maybe 2 yrs. 9th gen and future gens will need leaders to teach them what being in this group means.

  5. @ gaki
    yea perhaps... maybe ure right...
    but then reina is totally right..

    also yea the 3 wont might stay in momusu for maybe 2-3 years...
    guess its time for them to move on as well...
    gaki can continue on acting and singing..

    sayu can go into the variety world xD next yaguchi

    reina idk... singing ?? maybe designing cloths or something xD idk

    mittsi the 8th of 9th leader ?!?!?!?!? xD

    do wonder how long momusu will last... and H!P.. :/
    well H!P longer.. but still.. if they dont get some good artist.. itll be over soon as well

    they need more Kikkawas xD
    solos and groups..

    and they need to let BK and c-ute more on shows.. -.-''

  6. haha i mean the 3 might stay for maybe 2-3 more years... xD

  7. @Gaki man there posts make me depressed... and mittsi as leader O_O!!! But hopefully they get a tenth generation before they all leave. man this whole topic is sad. T_T

  8. @ jenny
    lol xD

    lol yea a 10th gen would be awesome...
    but they need to add one quick...
    they should make a 10+ membered momusu again .... >_< !!!

  9. @Road yep definately or maybe they should transfer saho to MM before ai graduates to make a 10 nin so that way they'll be nine once she leaves.

  10. @ Jenny, having had the pleasure and at times the frustrations of having Momusu as a part of my life from their birth auditions, I have become use to these events.
    It would damage the group and company if the remaining members are graduated before 9th gen and future generations can develop. So I do not see them moving the rest out as fast.

    Look at this as the 3rd Momusu evolution. First was OG, second was Aichan`s group and now the 3rd the future and the rebuilding youth movement.

    Keep your head up, they will get through this, they still have many more memories to create.

    Oh 9th gen should have come in 2008 ,and this the 10th gen .Momusu use to add new members every 2 yrs on average.

    @ Road

    Putting on my musicians cap for a second.

    As musicians, we do not make our money through CD sales, with all the file share sites out, you loose more then you make. Only 1 in 10 records earn a profit. The main revenues come from touring and merchandise.

    Momusu and H!P still out sale a number of artists , and all idols not with 48 at the end of their name. They have sold out concerts and merchandise.
    I do not really see them ending anytime soon.

    In happy news
    I will post S/mileage new PV in a few minutes.

  11. @ jenny
    xD lol
    u sure love saho dont u xD
    i only wanted kikka in momusu xD hahaha but well shes debuting on her own.. so.. maybe sayaka ?? i guess i want sayaka to join xD lol

    idk many eggs xD
    i want more members like tsuji and kago... yaguchi and Iida in momusu xD
    more people like the 4th gen xD

    @ gaki
    lol xD
    true... but H!P is not gonna last forever...
    when its gonna end... who knows...well not for now xD not in a long time...
    but itll happen eventually... someday... in the future xD

  12. @Gaki,Road MM will continue even if it does end it will continue in everyones heart(at least the fans)XP and yes Saho has Talent that is why I like her. Check her out in Aa! the new unit she matches up well to airi and miyabi imagine what she could be in momusu!!! XD

  13. @ jenny hahaha i know i know
    Aa! is awesome
    but if fit with airi and miyabi.. and with Aa!'s style she might fit berryz more... xD
    actually xD sayaka fits berryz more too xD

    and yea even when momusu has ended itll always continue in the hearts of the fans..

    but also.. xD maybe just like the OG... theyll do reunion a concert

  14. Little off Topic

    Sayu said this about Fuku-chan

    Sayu on Fuku-chan [Jan 7 blog post]

    [These are two lines from a larger post]

    In rehearsals, when we have to rehearse our songs, she mimics and dances with us.

    She has the feeling of a neat high-class princess

  15. @ gaki
    thnx for reminding me... forgot i to read sayu's blog translations for a while :/


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