Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nogizaka46: Aitakatta Kamo Shirenai PV

The video is out for Nogizaka46 remake of the AKB48 single “Aitakatta”.

The song is called “Aitakatta Kamo Shirenai”, there is not a lot of difference if my memory is correct between the two outside of it being a rocked out version of the song. The great one herself Maeda Atsuko makes a guest shot near the end.

Depending on which side of the fence you fall in this debate ,you`ll either like the song or find a reason not to ,either way the rocked out version is very good and the group sound good together.

乃木坂46 会いたかったかもしれない by hiro32612000

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  1. This is just pure win, though my mind keeps trying to sing the original version lol. I love the way it sounds so dramatic and all the girls look so full of energy

  2. I really like this version of the song. It grows on you ,lol.


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