Saturday, February 11, 2012

BRIGHT "Kimi ga Iru Kara~Kokoro no Tonari☆"

PIH hasn't covered the avex 4 membered girl group BRIGHT that much.
BRIGHT has a new single coming out February 2nd. A preview for this single was posted in December of last year, but the full PV is finally out!

BRIGHT - Kimi ga Iru Kara ~Kokoro no Tonari ☆ by yana-sakurami

My background of BRIGHT
I got into BRIGHT by chance. I'm subscribed to many Japanese record companies on YouTube including avex (which BRIGHT is signed to). I saw them in my subscribers list, and it looked interesting. The song was "Feelin' You" and I immediately feel in love with the song and video. After discovering "Feelin' You", I loosely followed BRIGHT. I wouldn't call myself a huge fan of them. On my ipod, I only have 4 songs from them: Feelin' You, Ichi nen ni Kagetsu Hatsuka, Love ~Aru Ai no Katachi~, and Still... Really, it's only 2 singles if you subtract the B sides. BAD GIRL!!! Isn't really bad either~ I really need more of their songs.

BRIGHT is way underrated! The girls are so talented in singing and dancing. Nanaka's voice is beautiful! She can really hit the high notes; she has a wide range. My other favorite voice and member is Nagi! I like her short hair and her deep voice~

On to the video
It's obvious that Nanaka is the most popular member. It's basically her singing the whole thing while Meg, Nagi, and Mimi are stuck with the backup vocals. Even in other singles, Nanaka has always gotten more lines and attention. I hate when groups do this. Yes, Nagi has a really nice voice, but the other members are just as pretty and talented. It just makes me so mad! Isn't Nagi the leader? If anyone's going to get a solo song, it should be Nagi! (I need to write about how being the leader/captain in a group doesn't have any meaning.)

Anyways, besides the obvious Nanaka bias, all of the girls are flawless. Nagi's red hair looks gorgeous on her, and Meg's short hair suits her so well. Mi-mi has this beautiful chocolate brown shade of hair that I love and everybody just sparkles. Nanaka looks so breathtaking and stunning.

I love the outfits. They honestly remind of 2NE1 a little bit, and I don't know why. I  also don't get the point of the little boy that is shown often. The song is the typical bright song. I like it, but I think that they could do better. Nanaka's voice, as I keep mentioning, is really good, but with her just singing, I just get tired of hearing it. I miss the voices of the other three members! I also wish they showed more of the dancing.

I give this single a 3.5/5. Compared to the other songs I have from BRIGHT,  I just can't feel this one. BRIGHT songs generally take time for me to warm up to them, so I think I'll have to listen to it more. I could change my mind.

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