Sunday, February 26, 2012

#1 Oota Yuuki (太田ゆうき)

Oota Yuuki got mentioned is PIH Fresh 30 Idols post, but now I'm going to expand and tell you a little more about Oota Yuuki.

Oota Yuuki is a singer who lives in Tokyo. Her birthday is June 6, 1986. Her blood type is A. She's 156cm tall. Her hometown is Aichi prefecture. Her hobbies are carving, painting, and other arts.
She is signed to dream seed craft. (Is that a record label or company...?) She's been active since 2007. I think she is also a gravure model (???).

She seems to be a really energetic person, and she has a lot of fans (from what I can see from her performances). She also seems to have really solid singles. I like her voice. She performs live well live. My favorite song by Yuuki is DREAM MAKER.  

Offical Blog
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1st single 「Speed☆Drive

2nd single 「Sweet Effector 〜Kimi ni Tsunagaru Shuhasu〜」

3rd single 「STAR MAKER 」

4th single 「Sorairo Graffiti 」

5th single 「ACE」

6th single (???)  「Super Song 」

Compilation Album
Live IDOL super compilation Vol.1

Mini Albums

Based on reader reactions, we will know who to focus on when writing about indie idols.

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