Friday, February 24, 2012

BABY METAL Vs. The World + Li Ne

BABY METAL is coming, the world better prepare, lol

Li ne PV
[Enjoy while it`s still up]

BABY METAL is back with another release “Li Ne”
The video features the group in various group styles, from idol pop, to rap group, to their trade mark princesses of metal. As much as I love the PV, I really wished they had stayed with their heavy metal style of their first release.

With my objection cast to the side, this is a great song and PV, if you’re not a metal head and like to go clubbing or practice dance, this song is for you.

BABY METAL has another song coming out March 7 ,which is what the first video is about

Here is the short version ,it`s not as cool as the long version that was on this post before but still good for now .


  1. Want to see this. Any direct link here, please? My internet provider blocked them youtube from my plan.

  2. I posted my comments about this video on PIH's message board.


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