Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Alice Project Special

Indie Idol company Alice Project ,which handles a number of groups we have covered on this site ,is having a special continuous live USTREAM broadcast ,the broadcast started 9hrs ago ,I was unable at the time to let you know about it , due to other commitments.
It`s not your standard idols, sit around and chat type program. Instead this involves the groups trying to hatch quail eggs sold at supermarket. There is not really much to the broadcast the eggs and the brooder are the focus, twice a day a member from one of the groups will come in and roll the eggs over. The eggs get to listen to the groups songs all day as well.

If you just want to take a look in from time to time and check on their mission, you can here.
Alice Project Special Live USTREAM

If you want to watch a recorded program they have , you can go here

To see their groups in action

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