Friday, February 24, 2012

30 Fresh Faces

30 Fresh Faces is something that I have wanted to do for some time and that is present you the readers of this site with 30 idol groups or soloists that have never appeared on Pure Idol Heart.

Plans are underway for formal artist introduction posts after these previews. Each one of these artists have different levels of experience and in no way should they be compared to 48`s or H!P level idols ,if they were ,they would be in those groups . Instead these artists should be compared with the other artists in this series .

Regardless if an idol is performing in front of 50 or 5,000 ,they are deserving of our respect and support. If you’re a true fan of Idol genre , then a level of an artist ,should not matter to you if they bring you happiness in their performance.

So let’s get started
#1 first up is the charming Oota Yuuki

PV for 6th single

#2 Doll ☆Elements

Doll ☆Elements is a group directly related to the idol group Lovely ☆Doll a group that you have seen on Tsuntube.

#3 Starmarie

We have actually previewed groups on their label before , just never got around to Starmarie .Starmarie are with a bunch of pretty established Tokyo Indie Idol groups and soloists .

Outdoor sound not as good as indoors

#4 Zenitani Nozomi

[Note –Oota and Nozomi belong to the same management company]

#5 Miduki Momoko


Momoko splits time as an idol singer and being a member of a rock band , and making Gravure books.

Of the two music genres ,she is more famous for writing the lyrics for the idol songs that she sings as an idol. She is also under the same record label as Starmarie

Other Parts
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  1. Love when you post these blogs <3

  2. Thanks, this is just the start; I am doing them by 5 a post. I have commitments away from the blog for long periods right now, so Candy and Meika are going to follow these posts up by doing individual group profiles of the groups and maybe add some others as well.

    Indies are going to get a big push on PIH IN 2012.


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