Friday, June 8, 2012

Alice Juban Live + New Logo

I am posting this for three reasons

1.I like Alice Juban
2.They have changed the spelling of their name and logo
3.It gives me a reason to post their new name spelling and logo

Also make sure you don`t miss the 9-10 min mark, well really you should watch every second of the live ,to see what all happens.


  1. I like A10 too ^^ even more than Baby metal their shows are funny, it's like A10 climb up to next level on the idol wota contact, they trust them too much

  2. It's amazing how the Wota are so restrained and respectful! It's lovely to see and they're entertaining as hell!

  3. They have a real good relationship with their fan base, from stage diving, to going into the crowd to sing at outdoor lives.

    They are always adding new things to their shows to fit the venue they are in.


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