Friday, June 15, 2012


In preparations for their new release, the highly popular, fast rising, idol group BABYMETAL have entered into a deal with Tower Records.
The collaboration is called “NO MUSIC, NO IDOL?”

As part of this  campaign these limited edition posters shown below are being handed out on a first come first get situation.

BABYMETAL will also be performing at select Tower Record stages in July and will see the addition of a DJ.

To attend the live, you must have the ticket that comes in their July 4 new release.

So what do you think about the posters, they really look like a different group than before?


  1. They look completely different!
    I'm not a fan of metal, or even much rock music, but groups like BABYMETAL and PASSPO are helping me get into these genre by fusing pop into it.

    I love BABYMETAL too! I have enjoyed all of their singles, so far. I'm really looking forward to this release, and the future of this group

  2. I love them.
    And as a metal fan and guitarist if I ever became a millionaire I'd definitely bring them to England to tour with.

  3. Dave -As a rock singer/songwriter I think they are just great.


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