Monday, June 11, 2012

Cheeky Parade TV Debut

Fast rising idol group Cheeky Parade , fresh off selling 5,000 copies of their Indie single debut, made their debut TV appearance the other night.

The buzz around this group is growing, with a major debut single coming next they have a shot of being very good, very fast.

Wotas these days are looking for fresh faced idols who are just starting their careers and who have a bit of spark and attitude .

The same old cookie cutter idol groups is not going to cut it anymore. With Indie groups becoming more creative and very fan friendly with stage diving and more ,look for more and more groups rising up like Cheeky Parade and following the playbook of being loud ,attitude changing ,wota loving, off the wall and a bit out of control idols.

The birth of the next Idol genre era is here.

The TV spot was removed after posting so i added this ,

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