Tuesday, June 12, 2012


ANGE♥LOID is a cute little Indie Idol unit that sings mostly cover songs from anime and other idols, with some originals thrown in.

ANGE♥LOID is typical of Indie Idols, they were either overlooked by a large agency or simply like the freedom the Indies offer.
The best way to look at an Indie idol is that they slipped through the hands of a big house to become your own special treasure.

ANGE♥LOID is no different from any other Indie, strong points, weak points in this case it`s dancing, but with a loyal fan base supporting their special treasure.
One thing to keep in mind, Indie Idol companies tend to be small agencies with less than 20 people employed and often that includes the idols. Some groups represent themselves, so the level of training will vary based on each group and the resources the company can afford.

ANGE♥LOID is a group to keep a watch on as they improve a little each live.


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