Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Momoiro Clover Z: RISE UP

Recently a serious investment has been made into Momoiro Clover Z to push them up the ranks. Media, celebrities and fans have jumped aboard this as if everyone is looking for that next idol group to rise up and take over the top spot, or in this case be the leader of the next wave of idol genre.

From 24hr TV broadcasts, to live concert broadcasts, featured television variety specials to a traveling bus and a wide range of endorsements, the push is on in full force and the girls are starting to be everyday faces on television.

Clover Z appeals to a wide range of age groups from small children to adults, they have a charm that sweeps over everyone they are around.

Here are just a few things that the ladies have working now

From the just broadcasted TV Live concert, you can`t control this machine it`s an infection that takes over you

There is simply not enough room in this post to show everything they are doing currently this month on television, however this group is well on its way to greater things.

PS If you want to see the concert and more go here while it`s still up


  1. Yeah, Momoclo is on fire!!

  2. because of their illuminati effect.. baphomet hand sign(chai maxx).. eye of horus(ikuze kaito shoujo).. have u seen saitama super arena the alien with one eye and the alien boss is the devil...irony .. kanako goes alone to italy for recieve the 'lady in red' training maybe

  3. Momoclo is the real deal,everything they do makes me smile ^v^


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