Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mano Erina Song For the DATE

Mano's 12th single, song for the date has been released.

Mano's new PV is creative, the song is catchy, and all I can say is that the company is finally starting to care about her. I hope this song has great sales! She definitely deserves it, since so much effort was put into this release.


  1. Um, Candy, I know you love Mano-chan, but this song didn't really do much for me. I haven't heard any of Erina's songs for a while now, and it was probably a bad idea to start again with "Song for the DATE". Her hair is shorter, and she's ripping down posters of her "old self", letting viewers know that her old piano playing days are officially over and the electro-dance pop Erina has taken her place. This song will not please fans of her piano ballads, or fun songs like "Lucky Aura". Or maybe that's just how I feel.

    1. Actually, Mano fans miss her piano days too.
      Every time she releases a new single, we pray that she'll play the piano again, and sadly, our hopes are let down every time!

      But I don't think it signifies that her piano days are over, because her piano days have been over for quite a while now. Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo is the last single we see her playing the piano. That was her 4th single, so it's been a long time!

      As much as I love her ballad and piano playing days, this cool, new mature Mano it just as good too. There's nothing wrong with a little change!~


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