Wednesday, December 8, 2010

AKB48: Scores #1 Oricon With Janken Queen Single.


 AKB48: Scores #1 Oricon With Janken Queen Single.

Once again AKB48 has control of the Oricon rankings as their 19th single "Chance  no Junban" has easily defeated all challengers to score an Oricon #1  daily debut  ,with just released  sales of  471,242 .The next closest artist sold 12,042 . More details later

UPDATE DEC 9 ; CNJ Sold 54,780  =  526,002 in 2 days

In other Oricon, related news, earlier before the release of the current totals, last weeks sales figures were out .SKE48 continued their push to put their single over 150,000 in total sales.

Morning Musume`s "Fantasy Juuichi" album had a weekly rank of # 16 and
Total sales of 10,554

For Afilia Saga East fans ,their single "Knee High Egoist" sold a respectable 2,518 to reach #39 on Oricon .[ Often many Indies and small groups only distribute 1,000 CDs per release] .Sales like ASE  received is very important for groups of that level as it will draw attention from Major Record Labels.

If you are a fan of ASE, these are numbers to be proud of.


  1. That's awesome.
    I'm not obsessed with sales. In a way, it feels great to think "I contributed to that small sales number," in contrast to "I contributed to those trizillion sales."
    There's more emotion when it's low-profile, IMO.

    (I love anything with a 48 after it as well; to avoid misunderstandings.)

    But I can't understand how wotas don't go crazy over AFS. They have "Idol stereotype" written all over.
    On the other hand, this single cost more than average, so they probably made a good profit. I bet a song from Tsunku is crazy-expensive.

  2. me so proud of ASE... not that i really care a lot about sales numbers but recognition is always good

  3. @ lebird & Shura

    This is a good showing by ASE , If you want to compare it to another group 9nine was #25 at 4,764 for the week


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